Cooler Master Cosmos II

I almost ordered this but decided against it. Just too big and the X2000F spoiled me with all metal build.
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I have a question, on the top of the case where you can remove the vent, is there room on top to put in a H100?

I'm not sure if this was answered earlier in the post but there's definitely room for fans up there. I just installed an H110 and what I did was install the fans in a pull configuration inside of the vented area up top and then put the radiator in the "inside" of the case above the motherboard with just mounted it. Everything fit nicely... in fact I'd probably have room for 2 more 140mm fans on the bottom side of the radiator for a push / pull configuration. I haven't tried though
I bought a Cosmos II a while back and love the flexibility of the case. Just couldn't understand why there was no windowed side option. I know a few specialty places are making them custom at this point...but I'm a bit hard headed when it comes to paying anyone to do something I think I can I did it. A few pics of the results below:

Sorry for pic quality...took them with my phone




I intend on making a digital version of the plans/measurements for the plexi door to share with the community (I'm a little old school so I did it on graph paper by Will hopefully get around to that in the next week or so if people are interested in it. Really wasn't too hard and only required some basic tools (basic IMO) and about 4 hours and an understanding wife to do.