Cool two 7970 in a haf x


Sep 10, 2007
Guy im banging my head trying to find a current way of cooling my two 7970 , i have my cpu in single loop with a XSPC RX360 and FrozenQ Liquid Fusion Dual Bay Reservoir Swiftech MCP655 Series Pump , running at 4.8 , would my loop be able to handle everything are should a get a separate cooler for the cpu like a kuhler 920 , i dont have room to add anything more than a 120 rad to the back fan hole , and i dont have room to add a 240 rad in back either
Well... that really all depends on what your temps are at now @ 4.8? What voltage? The XSPC RX360 is a HUGE radiator, but may not be enough to handle the heat from 3 blocks, especially with a 2700k thats highly overclocked, and probably somewhere near 70*c at load as it is.

If you want to add your GPUs to your loop, a 120mm added to the back fan hole would be required, and again may not get your temps where you would like them. The HAF X is unforrtunate that it has so much room, but poorly managed... and what I mean about that is Coolermaster doesnt allow you the ability to remove the drive cages etc... If they did, you could have added a 240mm to where the front 200mm fan is and call it a day.

If you arent afraid to modify your case, and have room to mount your HDDs in the 5.25" bays, then remove the cage and mount a rad up front.
thanks JLangevin for the response . . yes i was figuring the same im at 70 c on load . . . and yes the haf x wasn't built for many rads but i was thinking if i could put my 2700k on a single rad if it would of worked but doesn't look like it will . . . I have no room in my hdd rack cause i use 5 drives :rolleyes: thanks man though guess the cards will stay air cooled

Yes, he CAN drill out the rivets and put something in the bottom, however he already stated that he has 5 HDDs and cant do that... so whats this pic for?