Contemplating my first-ever smartphone (VZW)


Limp Gawd
Mar 7, 2008
Well, just a bit under a month of waiting, but it's finally shipped for me.

I should have it in hand early next week..

Now comes the problem of accessories.

Most people say the stock battery is absolute crap at 1300mAh. Unfortunately, Seidio's 3500mAh battery seems to turn the Incredible in a a fugly brick, and even the more reasonable OEM 2150mAh battery needs an extended battery door. On the other hand, the 1500mAh battery seems like a really useless upgrade over the 1300mAh one, but that may be the only choice when it comes to compatibility with accessories. I can't really find much in the way of accessories (namely, silicone covers/cases and holsters) that will fit the extended battery.

Any ideas or suggestions on this front?