Connection Refused...interesting


Limp Gawd
Jan 12, 2003
I recently did a format and a clean install of everything because I couldn't figure it out hoping that this would fix it but I was wrong.

While randomly surfing the web with no set time or page, my browsers will say connection refused to any and all sites including my router on my local address. So I checked my firewall settings on XP and tried disabling it and that did not help. So I installed Sygate Personal Firewall Pro hoping to monitor the ports and incoming connections to see if that was it. What really annoys me is the browser doesn't work but all other applications work fine ie. mirc, trillian, bit-comet. Its also only my desktop thats affected my laptop can surf fine with no issues.

Things I've tried:
Disabling Firewall XP or Sygate
Clearing Cache
flush dns

any help would be great, thanks


Limp Gawd
Jun 18, 2003
what browser are you using? I get this problem from time to time as well. I've been using firefox and when the glitch happens, IE works fine. I looked at a firefox's forum, found this thread, the top 3 links may help.