Congratulations to Team Grandma! Hard DC'er of the Year: 2015

It's probably too late, but I'd like to make a suggestion.

Why not make Team Grandma the [H] DCer Team of the Year 2015 and make RFGuy the [H] DCer of the Year 2015?

Or even better Give Grandma or Team Grandma a [H] Lifetime DCer award.
Congrats, Team Grandma! It was really close right to the end! Nice job and team effort!

Also, thanks for your support, DooKey. I really appreciate that, especially considering you were also in the running. Very cool of you, sir.
Congrats team Grandma you all are very generous and I wish to say thank you to all of you.
Nice to see Grandma hit 1B points folding from just November 2015 to present! :jawdrop: