Confused on which Laptop/Tablet


Limp Gawd
Sep 27, 2004
Here is the deal. Device will be used for creating/editing documents and spreadsheets, some torrents and overall administration of my home network as well as ability to take to work/vacations.

Here is what I currently have:
Dell Latitude E6520
Corei7, 500gb HDD 16gb Ram
15.6" 1600x900

Background on myself, Network Engineer since 1999, currently an optical transport engineer. So yea, you can guess that I use the current laptop for a variety of functions. The current Dell that I have is a beast. Its heavy and cumbersome to take anywhere. I am looking for a secondary device, I'm a one is none, two is one kinda guy, as a backup/secondary laptop that I can take on trips as well as take to work if and when need be. Here are the choices I am currently looking at:

MS Surface Pro 2
Dell Latitude 12" 7000 Series
Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro

Price range is no more than 1200ish (maybe squeak a bit more out on that) I know the surface will provide the most in portability however I am not sure how I will like a 10" screen full time. The other two devices seem nice from a functionality standpoint (Lenovo) and build quality standpoint (latitude series from Dell.) I try very hard to stay away from consumer grade devices like Inspiron. Help! Should also note that I have a Lumia 928 WP. Which device would compliment that?


Extremely [H]
Nov 5, 2005
All of the devices you list here will suit you fine. The issue for you I think is how mobile for a laptop and tablet perspective do you want versus screen size. If you're going to be do lots of spreadsheets I would imagine screen size would be important to use.