Computer wont turn off.


May 12, 2016
Basically my computer wont register turning off no matter what, I can fully unplug it from power, fully turn it off, and it registers that it has been on for however long it has been off for. I've updated BIOS, I've reset CMOS, and nothing worked. I literally just turned my computer on and this is what it says Gyazo - 1e1ce4dd11651a2ecaec869e036e85e2.png . Why is this affecting me? Oh well, basically its messing up my Memory/RAM. The longer the computer is on the more RAM its using, therefore when its been on for 3 days I can't even open Google Chrome, it lags so bad. Please help.

TL;DR My computer won't register turning off no matter what. I need help, thanks.
Maybe its a mix of driver and bios problem.
Try to uninstall all new drivers one by one and Rolling back to the previous driver.
When did it start happening? Maybe it's a memory leak bug/virus. If it started recently, try a system restore. Would it be possible to install an OS to it on a separate drive to see if it still happens?
turn off all power options in bios and in windows. sounds like it suspending to ram instead of powering off.