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Feb 28, 2005
Okay, so I bought a Sceptre 42" 1080p LCD HDTV X420BV-FHD for a Conference Room. I built a new computer for it.

ASUS M4A785-M Motheboard
Athlon 255
CoolerMaster Power Supply
HEC Case
Western Digital Hard Drive
DVD Burner
APC Battery Backup

I setup at my office, installed windows, updated everything, tested no problems with a regular monitor.
I then took it the Client with the new TV
I was going to use the onboard 4200 ATI Graphics(downloaded latest catalyst drivers. Everything seemed to be going well, I was using an HDMI to DVI cable, no problems. After about a day, it froze up and it has been hell ever since. Turned the computer on and it wouldn't post. Unplugged everything from back and turned on, it posted. Plugged everything back including the TV, turned the computer on and it wouldn't post. Unplugged everything, turned the TV Off. Computer posted, then I plugged in TV and turned it on, no signal to screen.

I powered the computer on, it posted with signal to screen, it stayed up for about 5 minutes then bluescreened. When I turned it off, it wouldn't post. I unplugged everything from the back, turned computer on wouldn't post. I unplugged hard drive, pulled memory out, turned on and it gave post error code for no memory. Put memory back in different slots and it posted. Plugged everything back in and used instead a straight HDMI to HDMI to the TV. Turned TV on then turned on computer. It posted. I logged in and started trying to configure the display for the new connection (by the way, the straight HDMI to HDMI looked worse than using the HDMI to DVI connection)
Went to reboot the computer after using it for a half hour. I turned the computer off. Then went to turn it on. Computer wouldn't post. I had to bootstrap the computer again just to get it to post.

So, I had 4 GB of RAM, I took out 2GB and installed stand alone ATI Video Card 5450. Tried the HDMI to DVI cable, turned the TV on and it posted. Uninstalled ATI Drivers and download and reinstalled for the 5450. After about half hour I turned off computer. Turned it back on and it wouldn't post. Had to bootstap it again, ditched the HDMI to DVI cable and went back to the straight HDMI cable. It would work for a little while. but if I turned the TV off and then turned it back on the computer wouldn't post. I tried a standard vga cable, got it to go a little bit but then had same problem. Been trying to play with the settings on the TV itself, and this morning I brought in new cables and adapters to try to get to the bottom of this.

At my office, when I was setting the computer up with a regular monitor, I had no issues whatsoever. I tested the RAM and Hard Drive, Windows installed fine, updated and installed software with no problems. All of the problems started when I tried to use it with the TV

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Dec 3, 2009
Maybe it is the TV? Bring your regular monitor over there and hook it up and see what happens.
I've had trouble with computer to tv via hdmi in the past. I would think rgb would be less problematic.