Computer Audio Hot Deals

Creative Labs has their A2 refurb cards for $29.99 for a limited time at their ebay store, FYI.
SJetski71 said:
Buy one get one free

Two pairs of AKG K-71 headphones for $49 shipped

Looks like the free part is legit since these headphones average over $50 for one pair with shipping factored in ;). Froogle price comparison.

Anybody know if these would make decent beater headphones?

They look to be using a similar headband as the Beyer DT231 with cloth earpads, so it should at least have some decent comfort.
Ripped from Ben's:

Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit for $49.99 - $40 rebate = $9.99. It has a option for free shipping if you get to $50. I added a couple of batteries in there for a couple bucks. There was also tax on my order. Here's the link to the card:

This would probably be a nice alternative to the Chaintech AV-710. (Refer to my sig for further reference. :D )
Sweet deal, strid3r, thanks. Doesn't say the SKU on the rebate, but I'm sure they'll take it.
I don't know if many people have been following the development of these speakers.. but they are finally available for preorder.. I am gonna get a set from all the rave reviews I have been hearing... plus.. it's cheap. 5.1 for $696

Onix X-LS 5.1 Set - $696

also.. you can preorder just a pair of speakers for $199 if you don't need 5.1

these speakers use Peerless drivers..
I just purchased from CompUsa an X-Fi platinum for 159.99 (+ local tax), they also had the X-Fi extreme music for 109. The prices are after instant rebates so none of that mail in crap.

I assume the rest of the other CompUsa stores have the same deal.

PS. The deal was listed with an expiration date of feb 03.
Pinipig523 said:
Tiger Direct:

Logitech Z2300 THX speakers 2.1 for only $59.99!

I bought one for my friend as a present and they are solid speakers. ;)

Can I be your friend?
Circut City has the X-Fi XtremeMusic on sale for $99 and Best Buy has the Platinum version for $160, XM with a rebate, Plat without, for the week of 3/12-3/18.
Thrash said:
Circut City has the X-Fi XtremeMusic on sale for $99 and Best Buy has the Platinum version for $160, both without rebates, for the week of 3/12-3/18.

I checked out the Circut City deal and it looks like it is a rebate. Just FYI
In Frys today... Harman Kardon is 599 from orig priice 1099... Its instant gift rebate no mir :) I'd take it but my crediit card is only 500...