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Sep 6, 2002
Hi all,

I thought it would be an ok idea to reserve this space for [H]ot audio deals and for items you saw in the FS/FT section.
The audio community can help by sharing deals where it'll get noticed by those most interested :)

A few qualifiers/disqualifiers

- No pimping your own hardware, though linking FS/FT threads is ok as long as it's audio related (and not your own!)
- No auction links & No links to personal auctions. Ebay "buy it now" & ebay merchant links are fine.
- The general rules of our [H]ot deals and FS/FT forum's will apply.
- Please include a short description of the item you are posting.

Share your audio-deals, deal hunting tips and user feedback with us!
Some basic deal hunting tips

- Crosscheck all your prices @ before actually buying.
- Verify the validity of those merchants @
- Try to purchase from merchants with a higher resellerating rating, such as 8.0 and above.

Any other good places to crosscheck audio prices? Post away or PM me and i'll try to organize em all here ;)

Don't forget to also post actual deals ! :)

Price comparison sites:
- (two good sites in one, thanks xonic)

Auctions and Classifieds:
- (auctions)
- (auctions)
- (auctions)
- <-- your local want ads, a really good place to check
- suggestions?

Refurb links:
- Refurb Harman kardon receivers
- Refurb and new Onkyo equipment + owner manual pdf's
- Newegg's refurbished headphones + speakers and refurb sound cards
- Creative's Lab's Ebay Store (thanks MisterX)
- suggestions?

Hot Deal Websites + forums that feature some audio deals:
- [H]ard forums Hot Deals & [H]ard forums FS/FT & the [H]ot HTPC deals sticky thread
- suggestions?
Mister X said:
Factory Refurbished, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS from Creative's Ebay store:
Buy It Now price: US $59.99 plus shipping and sales tax (if applicable).
And while you're there be sure to check out Creative's Lab's Ebay Store for lots of refurb specials:


edit: deal expired
SJetski71 said:
The 10" Dayton sub is on sale for $99 + S/H:

The shielded BR1 bookshelf kit is on sale for $129 + Free shipping (pair):

Boy would i like to try them out :)

The first link actually points to the 12" which sells for $138
Here is the 10":

started thread
Sorry scratch that. The Maya uses a cmedia chip. The higher end prodigy uses the Envy24HT.
Mister X said:
Scratch that... I will let you know in about 7 days what chip that card has.
Benchies as well. ;)
Couldn't resist it, could ya :D? Would really like to know how clear the music sounds, your opinion on dac quality etc if possible, though i may end up finding out myself.
PsychoZX said:
Sorry scratch that. The Maya uses a cmedia chip. The higher end prodigy uses the Envy24HT.
Thx for looking into it Psycho, responded to your post in the [H] deals discussion thread ;)

Edit: Looks like [H] member pxc may have solved the mystery:

It may not be a c-media chip after all.