Composition Ncase m1 for silent gaming and hobbymining


Aug 7, 2020
Hello, would like to put together a ncase for gaming and would like to try hobby mäßig bit minen out of attraction to the thing. Important it should be quiet. Would like but at the same time not miss the portability of a MiniITX system.

Goal: price performance. Currently trying to get a 3060 ti for max 470 euro. If I have this there I buy the remaining components.

So I would like to build the system together.

Cheap assembly

CPU 5600x
CPU cooler Noctua C14S
GPU 3060 TI ( the one I get deshroud I would do if it would do any good and I can rebuild it back)
Ram 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2D3600C18
Any 2 TB M.2 SSD
Mainboard ASRock B550M-ITX/a 121 euro very cheap or cheap junk ?
PSU Corsair SF600
Fans: 4x NF-A12X25's 2x NF-A12X15's 1X NF-A9X25 !!! Buttom (2 slots 42mm 2xNF-A12x25 or 2.5 slot 50mm NF-A12X15)) !!!

Dust filter NCASE M1 - Bottom
Dust filter NCASE M1 - Top
Dust filter NCASE M1 - Side
Dust filter NCASE M1 - Rear

1.) Would also like to use dust filters in all positions where they make sense ? If a fan blows out, you don't need a dust filter at this position or ? Then only the one at the top position would make sense for me or ? In the upper link he uses top and rear filters.

2.) Should I change any component. Can I somehow get an optimization.

3.) When assembling I then only need a typewriter ? Would not like to start on day X with before friends to build up to notice that a little thing is missing.


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