Compaq Armada 110 problems with Ram and NIC??


Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 18, 2001
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There might be a hard BIOS limitation on the RAM to 256/slot and/ or a high density RAM limitation. You will have to research that as it might be able to handle 512 meg, spread across two slots.

"Supposed NIC drivers" scares me. If you are getting a code 10, it is obviously detected. Reverify the actual ID of the NIC and the proper drivers. Might try safe mode, then uninstall/reinstall if you are sure drivers are correct, verify all of the networking components are installed as well. Sometimes device IDs can be dependant on the serial number/production date as manufacturers can change hardware on a whim.

Wish you luck
Found out from compaq that I am limited to 256mb per slot. Now ive got to return the memory. I wish kingston would have told me that.
As for the nic. Turns out some of this model laptop had a modem and some had a modem/nic combo card. Evidently the laptop im working on has only a modem card with a dummy network jack. I can activate that jack by buying the combo card for 140.00 or I think ill just buy a pc card ethernet adapter.