comcast has the worlds slowest DNS


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Feb 23, 2001
I bought a website a few days ago, its been reported as being held by the placeholder by both my and my friends comcast accounts (go to the site, its still "This page is coming soon!" kind of thing from godaddy), but at work, its updated to my hosting account, in fact i edited the page, put a real coming soon page, uploaded some stuff via ftp, etc. so why is comcast's DNS so slow, or is there something I can do to expedite the process?
Originally posted by theNoid
Generally a mask and a few shotguns will get the job done:cool:

im afraid its going to come to that. comcast has angered me for the last time.
cant you set the DNS in XP to go to an alternate route? like say a totaly different DNS than Comcast?

I say that cuz I remember someone on this forum (James Crivellone) had his own DNS service that he provided free of charge but I dont know if he's still doing that anymore.

anyways, might be worth lookin' into.