combat flight simulator?


Limp Gawd
Sep 1, 2007
After playing MFSXA, Im in the mood of playing an awesome combat flight sim. Maybe modern but WWII would be cool too. Anyone know of a good flight sim people play online?

anyone know about any new flight sim coming out?
wow...the age old question. when will new flight sims come out?

the only one I resort to playing is MSFS 3 and that ones getting pretty old. I can't get falcon 4.0 to work on XP. I know allied force came out but never got a chance to pick it up.
If you are into modern jet fighters, I recommend looking into Lock On: Modern Air Combat. I am unsure if people still play that online as I haven't touched it in years. Also, Falcon 4.0 seems to be a never dying simulation that still has a cult-like following after all these years. As for WWII, I'd say IL-2 Sturmovik is where to go. That was a badass sim that I played a lot when it first came out. Regarding future simulations, I'm not really sure. I know Maddox (IL-2 creator) is making a Battle of Britain simulation but I haven't looked into it recently.
Modern = Lock On.
WWII = IL2 1946 which still has quite a lot of online players vai Hyperlobby.

DCS who made Lock on have just released Black Shark (KA50 heli) in Russia today, they're saying about three months for translations and release to the rest of the world.

Rise of Flight (WWI) sim is looking good for late this year or early next.

Jet Thunder (Falklands sim) next year sometime we think, demo is being talked about for xmas.

Storm of War : Battle of Britain (by IL2 makers) is about a year away.

FIghter Ops, don't know, I've not looked into other than to know it's in development.
get Falcon 4.0 and get the RedViper (Freefalcon 4) mod.. it upgrades the graphics and a whole bunch of stuff..

then keep an eye out at for the FreeFalcon 5 mod for it (coming out this december)..

if you're after realism i wouldn't bother with anything else except may Falcon AF (just a different version of Falcon 4.0)..
+1 for Lock On: Modern Air Combat and IL2 1946.

Also waiting anxiously for Black Shark (as mentioned by dano, a helicopter sim dedicated to the KA-50).