Color Laser Printer suggestion


Oct 19, 2005
Since my Canon i850 is starting to feel a little bit tired, I been thinking about replacing it with a Color Laser printer. But which one should I look for? Considering the toner cost and so on?
I've got an HP Color LaserJet 2605dn, and it works great. A little slow, but the print quality is good.
Thanks for your reply. But unfortunately it's discontinued, and here in Denmark, the HP service it rather bad.
I'd only suggest a color laser if you really print in color all the time - I suggest getting a used HP LaserJet 4/4xxx, and keeping an inkjet around for color, or getting color somewhere else.

Here in the US, my LaserJet 4100 w/ extra trays, toner, JetDirect and a duplexer was $25 USD on Craigslist...
Hmm... thx. I own a Digital printing company, so I could print it there.
I was thinking on, maybe, getting an OKI printer. They should have a good economy, when printing in color.