Coil Whine !!


Limp Gawd
May 13, 2013
this might be the first time I heard some buzz sounds out of my graphic cards while heavily gaming, I used to have a corsair TX950 without issue . After I switched to 1200i , the Coil Whine happens.

Could it possibly be the power supply, even the noise is coming from the GPUs ?


[H]F Junkie
Jun 5, 2004
If it didn't happen on a different PSU and it's definitely coming from the GPUs, it could be a combination of the GPUs and the power supply. Every power supply has a certain amount of ripple and a certain amount of harmonics of the switching frequency of the (switchmode) power supply. It's possible, with some hardware, that some of those harmonics can induce resonance in a component, generally an inductor but really can be just about anything.

I would say you made the right choice in going Flextronics over Seasonic, but I guess they're not always better in the whine department.

Do keep in mind very high frequencies can also be a bit harder to pinpoint than say a 1kHz frequency. It's not usually super easy to tell which component they're coming from.

Hard drives and other stuff can also make annoying high-pitched noises.