COD4 Demo Tomorrow

Just started my download, ETA 2-3 hours.

EDIT - Download keeps crapping out at random, servers must be getting flogged.
i can't get to the page from work but it did mentioned something about having a valid yahoo user id and logged in before downloading. Were you logged in? Just asking because I'll be heading home for lunch to do this and if it's giving you errors then I'll wait till after work and go chow down BBQ for lunch instead.

NVM....i type too slow....3 positive responses since I type this..
It stopped after 24MB... Trying again...

Nope, it stopped again. Double-clicking on the file gives a "not valid Win32 app" error.
This is why yahoo isn't on top. They can't even plan for the demo release of a PC game.
Mine timed out after 4MB, and now I can't even start the DL again.

Go Yahoo go.
cant yahoo use torrent links? surely it costs less and is faster and better for all of us? bloody muppets
OK, it finally connected, then downloaded 500KB at 119 KB/s, then quit.

Now I've got it going at 350KB/s and I've got about 30MB so far. *crosses fingers*

edit: Quit at 41MB.

Good job, Yahoo!
Ya-who the f*ck planned this release so poorly?

I can't think of a demo release to date worse than this...and yes, I'm a bit anxious. :p
Fuck this. When someone posts a torrent, I'll be the first one on it, but until then, Yahoo can suck on a fat one.
"Connection refused".

They must have been paid a fair bit for this exclusivity. Shame that Yahoo! are, apparently, the world's biggest assortment of fuckwits beside the "Bush Administration".
I'm downloading steady at 130 kb/s.

Started a few minutes ago and am already at 35 mb done.
Fuck, I guess I got too happy.

It was downloading perfectly fine at a steady rate and now it just stopped at 59 mb. God damnit.
I gotta agree.... whoever made the call to make Yahoo the exclusive site for this obviously did not have their morning frappacino or their cheese slid off their cracker. Yahoo is not even my list of thoughts when it comes to exclusive releases of anything. Their beta window that looks like Outlook has been a beta for almost 2 years. Yahoo FTL

Charlie Oscar Delta's forum is completely flooded with threads about downloads failing. There was at least 35-40 threads posted for the same thing when they could have posted on the 1st post like we did here.

I think I'll wait til fileshack has a link to it... or a torrent.

Edit: Charlie-Oscar-Delta's website is a torrential downpour of retardation. This would be the one time when I will allow the decay of something to be attributed to consoles and console users. I don't even go to that website, it's ridiculous.
For some reason it does not supprise me that this DEMO is SCREWED UP, it follows the pattern of COD Series, I ran a server from the start of the series and this company has BLOWN CHUNKS on everything they have done including the SUPPORT for there games. Remember COD 2 when it first came out ? it was a mess for the first year with the modding community and Support that was LACKING.

SO Yea they did the same old Crap on a Different Day with this Release :D NICE JOB Infinityward, Activison, they only want our cash any way they can get it...............Nothing More...:eek:
me because it will tell me or not if i'm going to spend the night in best buy parking lot or not.....LMAO
mine is working currently, keeping fingers crossed. it started trucking away at 1800k/sec for the first 100 its goin at 150k