Limp Gawd
Oct 31, 2017
Did anyone play this?

I would not call it a new game, more like copies parts taken from their old world war games paste into WW2 to save time and money because they paid the actors too much money over their budget then polished it of online marketing

1. dogs chase you three times in the game (nothing new)
2 .having to chase a tank on foot to kill it you have to bomb it three time before it is destroyed,?
3, having to play hide and seek with a tiger? in a tank in town you can only go around in a circle boring part
4, now we must chase a train in a jeep? to stop it
6, the beach landing is same,
7,setup a road block,
8, in the forest again
9 hide from the Germanys with only an hand gun?
10 the campaigns was way too short same old story with COD team?,

I want it to be different from there old designs of funny and stupid play outs like the chase a King tiger with a bomb? and the other part dogs chase you again? come on and I paid £45.00 for this crap