COD 4 DLC release


Aug 16, 2006
Any more info on this? Is it for sure the 3rd of April and any other news. And who all is going to get it the maps look great.
I can't wait for this, April is shaping up to be a great month, last I heard the COD DLC will be early april, and the 3rd is early april for sure.
I hope their not to expensive, but I don't guess it will matter cause I'll buy them anyway. It seems like that's all I ever do is play CoD4, is like crack or sumpthin.:D
How do they charge PC gamers anyways? Upon release date, the maps will be all over the web, problem? hacker saids no problem.
I'll be getting them, but cursing the fact that I have to pay for them. Absurd to think it isn't enough anymore to shell out $50+ for a game, they have to continue to milk the living shit out of us every step of the way. Especially here in Canada where I live and MS points are substantially more money than in the US. I really, really HATE MS points. Absolutely useless. Lets just use money please, MS. Duh!

I think 800 points is fairly pricy...considering it's just 4 damn maps. That's just me though, I realize, and I don't have too much $$$ to throw around so I tend to examine purchases more :p