Cloud system to handle encrypted communications for financial transactions?


Limp Gawd
Jan 1, 2009
Have a business who is doing $50k + international transactions through email... they NEED a more secure way to handle these transactions. Some kind of digital encrypted document delivery that would let them send bank account info etc securely. The insecurity of doing these transactions to international emails seems insanely dangerous right now.

Any recommendations on a system to look into for this? Some kind of CRM? I would like to get away from email.
well your setting yourself up for failure going cloud anything on something like this unless you wana spend alot for dedicated everything and even then your trusting a remote service with your data that probably will outsource the work. You could actually pgp encrypt the email if you wanted to keep email. You could actually cloud that with proton mail since you make your own keys, but this would take strong business practices because if you lose your password bye bye data. It wouldn't be hard to make a small web form to put the data in, host that and build a 1 way connection with only the ability to insert into a db and then let your client read the DB.
edit: but i wouldn't cloud that.
I want a service that handles this kind of communication. Or a product. I'm not trying to build my own.
There are a number of services you could use, like Ipswitch's MoveIT, or SendSafely, or SendthisFile. Those are just a few I found using a Google search.

The only one I have used is MoveIT, though I didn't use the cloud version, we had it onsite. MoveIT at least on site, encrypts in transit, and on disk. It was a really neat product. It also has a Outlook plugin, so it would strip the attachment and send an e-mail to the recipient that there was a message for them at the secure site.