Clonezilla - Disk-Image clone - Didn't ask for the bootloader. Problem?


Dec 1, 2016
Hi there,

Using the latest stable clonezilla to clone my Win7 64bit boot drive (from a Samsung NVME drive), using the disk to image function. I selected an external USB drive and used the Simple mode.

I was using a techradar guide from 2017 and noticed afterward that it specified I should say yes to select the bootloader too if I am imaging a bootable installation.

I don't remember being asked this!!!

I simply selected the 250GB Samsung 960 drive and defaulted to the "Go" moment.

Is this simply an artifact of an old guide which doesn't accomodate the fact that newer versions of clonezilla defatlt to selecting the bootloader too on Simple mode if it detects it is a bootable system drive?

Trying to figure out if my attempt to make a bootable image backup has essentially failed, and I need to do it all over again...