Because they'd need to backport over a decade of security/exploit patches and changes to their baseline infrastructure?
They're not doing anything like that now. They're replicating it but they said they're going to stick with patch 1.12 and that means a lot of spells and weapons will act differently in Molten Core than originally. Back then spells and abilities changed nearly every patch, like a Paladin's Seal of Command was originally based on 100% weapon damage but by 1.12 they changed it to 70% but added Judgement. Also Libram's didn't drop until around 1.12 as well. Them not replicating patches is just lazy on their end.
I still think it's rose tinted glasses. I have some fond memories of Raiding MC with 40 people or opening AQ but also of 1000 line queues and running my new toon by foot from Org to TB and getting timed out if you were idle for 15 mins. Not getting a mount until 2/3rds of the way through leveling.

Just running your ass all the way to the summoning stone for a 5 man PUG for one specific dungeon. Current system is so much better.
Current system has 10 people left playing, and they're all whales.

For one, I'm not looking forward to the WoW community becoming fragmented between Classic and the Modern game.
That fragmentation is the result of a lot of bad design decisions made by Blizzard. Not that they'll be much fragmentation when nobody plays BfA.
It looks like Classic will probably be released during somewhat of a lull in the modern game, so guilds will already be struggling to keep their raid rosters full and this will only make it worse.
A lull? Games dead Jim.

Many people forget about super basic stuff like how back in vanilla you had to be on the exact same server as your friend to even quest with them out in the world, there was no cross-server anything. Not to mention addons/mods that I use all the time, have used for over a decade, can't really live without, and may not even be available for the classic version.
That's the stuff I'm excited about.

.......and this is why people will hate it, classic, pve was pvp gear there was no resilance or any of that crap.
Exactly how the game was meant to be played.
I was in a top tier raiding guild who "cleared" vanilla wow. We were something like 14th or 17th in NA to beat WoW.

It was a job, during AQ we reduced our raiding from 5 days, 4 hours a day down to 4x4 because of burnout.

That wasn't including all the farming you had to do to be geared up and flasked out for proper raids.

Was originally a tank (warrior), switched to healer (druid), and then was switched to flex healer/dps after the druid rework.
What sucks now is people are obsessed with wowlogs and warcraftlogs. 13/14 years ago it was just showing up, doing your best, having fun, and downing a boss. People were more focused on having fun. Now its, stats, logs, recordings, gear, gear, gear, rotations at the right moment, etc. Before each raid it feels like prepping for an SAT or something.

My experience was very different from that.

I remember reading an article a long time ago about how joining a top-notch raiding guild was just as, or more, complicated than writing the perfect resume to get a high paying job. And, god forbid, the guild you are in is so hardcore that the leader tells you, "I don't care if your only child just got bit by a black widow. You will tank tonight or you'll be kicked from the guild and we'll blackball you on this server.

On the server I was on, Stonemaul, there was only 1 top tier raiding guild on each faction.

Because of that my guild maintained an active roster of well over 60 people - we had a 100 person ventrilo. This meant that on any given raiding night, we could have 10 people on the bench after filling up the 40 man raid.

Part of this was also because my guild was sufficiently geared out that we would run alts on older raids to prep them for swap ins. So multiple people could not only flex their role through gear and respec, but literally swap characters.
We had a solid 35 people that would show up for every raid. I'd call the other five, "soft" raiders as sometimes some would not be on, but we'd have others online to take their place. But yea, we spent all our time cracking jokes and laughing. Naxx got a little more serious, but even then we were always messing around.
They've already confirmed they're keeping the terrible itemization, bare basic class design, pre-buff 1.10 loot tables, and staggering content to prevent early power creep in from vanilla.

They have already announced a lot that is making it easier, a 40 man like Molten core wasn't hard because the bosses were hard it was the people and getting them together having them not fighting over loot and such.
There is no resilience in the current game either.

well their was, but see part of the charm of classic was stacking weird stats together like Hunters stacking Arcane and nature damage or having Paladins stacking spellpower and crit to make a shockadin with those 10 sec seals and such, If they start screwing with the old mechanics and gearing and how they translate that to PVP its not going to be authentic for the experience, PVP rewards should be exactly the same as they were, as well AQ shouldn't be screwed with either. Either way I will give it a try I want to see if I can get Rhok'N'Lock again on my hunter was always my favorite bow appearance in the game, later they released a staff with a similar graphic in auch dungeons in BC.
They have already announced a lot that is making it easier, a 40 man like Molten core wasn't hard because the bosses were hard it was the people and getting them together having them not fighting over loot and such.

The early content wasn't hard to begin with, it was nobody knew what they were doing. They don't need 40 people on private servers to do MC anymore.
Started wow July 2005.

I Pre-ordered BFA, Beta tested it, was really worried in beta.

My sub ran out 2 days after release.. I didn't renew it.

I CAN NOT wait for Classic, This new 6 phase release looks a lot better than the original plan.
I quit (with zero regrets) when I hit level 70 and was pushed (hard) into raiding because I had the only high level Holy (healing) build in our guild. After my 5th or 6th raid, I was ready to quit the game for good.
I only had craptastic normal loot-drop gear (mostly blues) but if any mana-spec'd gear dropped it would always go one of the DPS casters. So instead I had to drink crazy expensive mana potions (that I couldn't farm or afford at AH) like Irishmen on nickel beer night. Nope... no one could be bothered to ever buy any for me, so we'd hit a boss and I'd be OOM after 30 sec's and things would go to shit. Always my fault, of course.

Repeat this sort of fun until I rage-quit after watching our GM give away an uber Holy Priest mana staff away to our lead warrior... so he could give it to his alt paladin character.

/don't miss the time-sink at all
//it's still better than Asheron's Call
///I had an absurdly high 'Wi' flag :/
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The early content wasn't hard to begin with, it was nobody knew what they were doing. They don't need 40 people on private servers to do MC anymore.

I would disagree, private servers are tweaked to be easy. People who want this have zero clue what they are getting or would get, the authentic experience true to what classic was, was not pretty. I played when there were only 2 servers que lines a mile long and Alterac valley lasted days because the boss mobs we're hard, MC had mechanics but required 40 good players because at the time things weren't quite balanced. On my Hunter I did the rhokdlar questline and it was one of the hardest things in the game to do. I went through 10sec paladin seals and people bitching because hoard had shaman's and alliance had Palis and the endless headaches of people arguing over loot in raids, If you are saying classic wasn't hard I am going to say you didn't play it back then, hell having an epic mount was a big deal because gold wasn't like the candy it became in bc.
That was back when being hard core and having a few pieces of loot from end content raids was huge. To have a full set was unbelievable. But it also meant that your guild and you put in hundreds of hours collectively to achieve it.