Classic Arcade Game 'Rampage' Made Into a Movie

Gonna see this in Imax, not gonna lie. Spent DAYS going through all the levels in rampage on my C128 just to have the game crash after I ran out of cities.

Yeah, this looks like it'll be awesome, even if it's a trainwreck, like the San Andreas fault movie he was in.
I am definitely dragging as many of my friends as possible to see this movie as close to release as possible. I don't even care that it's going to be terrible. I hope I can get 40 of us in that theater together.
I feel like a broken record, but once again this bears repeating. Video game movies are without Fail absolute and utter shit. I have said this and not been wrong about every single attempt at making video games into a movie as not a single one has failed to not be utter shit.

Dear Hollywood,

Please Fucking Stop


Every gamer.
The Wizard II - time for a switch.

C'mon, you know it's so bad.
My MAMEcab used to be Rampage. Sometime before I got it at auction for $75
it had been converted very poorly to Raiden II. No pristine classic hacked here.
The sides are black, all the original art destroyed. Somewhere I've stashed away
Zero Wing side art decals for that project. On-hold due to other reallife shiznit.
Hey look it's Winter from planet of the Apes! He gets his own movie! The Rock is in it too.....

Ok, Q-Bert the movie?

I'm holding out for the crazy climber remake.