Cisco WLC


Dec 20, 2010
Hey All,

I'm 100% new to Cisco wireless and am looking to replace my current WiFi solution with a Cisco WLC and AP.

Looking for ebay suggestions for this will end up being a certification track of mine.

my understanding so far...
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in order to use a Cisco wireless AP, you need a WLC which will find the AP on layer 2. Looking for suggestions to look for on ebay.. something old... but still 2.4ghz for I'm sure the 5ghz will be priced out of my league for lab usage.

perhaps a WLC2106 or a 520?

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go the software/virtualized route, Virtual WLC has a 60 day eval.


1 ap license for the vWLC is ~$100 give or take a few bucks.

I wouldn't mess with a physical controller unless it's a 2504/5508 (and you don't mind spending $500+). The older 2100's/4404's only support 7.0.x and won't support newer ap's or many of the newer features you'll find on exams. Personally, 3602+vWLC would be my choice.

Also, to be technical, AP's will find a controller across L3, providing the configuration is correct.