Cisco compatible IP intercom for buzzing in through front doors


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 30, 2001
I'm looking for an IP intercom solution that will allow our receptionists to buzz people in through our front doors that we are in the process of electrifying.

We are going traditional card access (HID proximity) and using Lenel for our backend.

Our vendor in charge of installing the card access is pushing another company called Stentafone but after talking with them their solution does not integrate both audio and video for Cisco phones. Apparently they can only do audio communication if going to a Cisco phone.

Doing my own research I've come across a pretty cool company that looks to have exactly what I'm looking for but wanted to see if anyone else has tried them or has any other solutions.

Our requirements are:
MUST integrate with Cisco Call manager and Cisco Phones
MUST have two way audio communication
MUST be able to press a button on a cisco phone and activate a contact closure or relay to open the door
Prefer one way video from camera at the door into a Cisco Phone (highly preferable)

Here is a link to what I've found so far.
In action:


[H]F Junkie
Nov 4, 2005
aren't cisco devices sip compliant? or is there no way to communicate w/ call manager and sip devices?

we use Algo, but i'm running it through asterisk... seems to work great, but ours doesn't have video....