Cisco CCNA lab

The Spyder

Jun 18, 2002
Well, I think its past time I get my CCNA. There is a ton of useful information that comes along with doing the cert that would greatly benefit me. This is coming from a guy who was always told certs are nothing but a piece of paper. Times change! I stupidly sold off most my cisco gear a few months back and now am in search of some new equipment to work with. I wanted your opinions on what gear to pick up. I am a hardware guy. I already have dynagen and another sim + 20 books on it. I still like to plug the wires in, hit a button, and watch the cool blinking lights :p.

What I used to have:
2 2924XL's
2 2500 routers
2 2610 routers
1 3550 switch
1 3620 router

Seeing as I am starting fresh and will end up ebaying most my equipment, what should I go with. I am on a budget, but I noticed in the network gallery someone grabbed $400+ in cisco gear for around $200 or as they claim.

Locally is hit and miss.
Only thing locally is this lot
which I might see based on your guys opinion if its worth getting at $300, selling off what I dont need to buy more equipment. (NOT worth it, just checked, guys stuff is 5yrs outa date +)
Trying to spend under $400.

Reading the other CCNA threads leaves me thinking I should get the newest equipment in my budget, because really this is more for the experience then the cert.


Dec 17, 2006
Here's a great resource for CCNA lab stuff:

I think you could get by with just using Dynamips and some 3640 images. Personally I like having the hardware. If you just want the CCNA you could be ok with a single 2950 and some 2600s, I think. If you want to move up the Cisco cert track, I would go with 3640s as they'll be useful in the NP studies as well.


Fully [H]
May 15, 2006
I picked up my CCNA lab for <$200 on eBay. It isn't a lot, but I got it for real cheap. Most of the time shipping was more than the item, and I had them combine shipping. Some awesome deals to be had. Just bid on the low stuff, and bid on a lot of it, because you won't win a lot, just a little. That was my strategy, and it worked out for me.

And in PDX there are a lot of people that sell Cisco equipment. Just keep looking. I found a couple 2500's and a 2924xl for 5 bucks a piece a month or so ago.