cisco 7940g


Feb 28, 2009
hello there guys. I'm needing some help. i bought a cisco 7940g phone on ebay to play around with but the problem is i'm not sure what all i need for this to actually work to make calls out of the house. i have a cisco 3660 running IOS 12.3 and know that there is telephone stuff in there. basically all i know is that you plug the phone into a switch port and then have to configure stuff on the router to place calls. I know that i need an NM-2V module with a FX0 VIC card to make calls out but i'm not sure how to get started on configuring things. Do you guys have any places to look at to get me started, so far the googling i have done has only turned up cisco docs on the phone. I seen something about a TFTP server as well, where does that come in? basically i want a site to show the very basics of setting up VoIP with cisco equipment. Hope you guys can help


Dec 17, 2006
Get a CCNA: Voice book, it will walk you through the basics and you're learn how to use CME.