Chonicles of Riddick: Esscape from Butchers Bay Directors Cut


Jul 27, 2004
Is anyone else excited about this game? I watched Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick last night and I'm really looking forward to cutting people up. I haven't played the xbox version becasue I dont believe in consles :p

I cant wait till it comes out in December
Got a link for info on this "directors cut" of butcher bay? The game has been out for a while now, and was already pretty violent and had graphic language, I can't imagine what they added to make it a directors cut.
Sounds good... believing in console is a good thing though. You shouldn't know them because the fighting and sports game on the xboxes rock.

FPSes should be played with a mouse and keyboard though.
i rented/beat that game for xbox. very good game. the story was cool, although i did need to read a faq to figure out how to get away from the robots in the pyramid level.

i really liked it.
i read on ign that the pc version is pretty much the same except they added a few levels and you can drive the prision guard mech armor. I would assume they'll be enhancing the lighting for dx9 and little stuff liek that. the screenshots are impressive.

The shadows aren't going to get much more advanced than they were in the Xbox version (Which isn't bad, considering they rivaled Doom 3 in some areas)
Dephcon said:
...I dont believe in consles
Well, I don't believe in UFOs but that doesn't keep the rednecks from getting abducted and anally probed. Trust me, consoles do exist... The truth is out there. ;)