China Approves Nvidia's Mellanox Deal, Could Help Fight AMD and Intel in Exascale


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 19, 2005
Shady dealings to catch up and get ahead?

"As such, we can expect Nvidia to expand into more holistic rack-level architectures to complement its prowess in GPU compute. Mellanox has plenty of promising new products, including the chiplet-based Spectrum-3 line in the works, and Nvidia's recent acquisition of SwiftStack (for an undisclosed sum) also opens the possibility for complementary storage software that enables large-scale AI systems. This object-based storage company has plenty of experience with vast network-attached data repositories used for AI workloads, which ties in nicely with Nvidia's burgeoning portfolio.

The industry is rife with speculation that all that's left for Nvidia to do is to roll out its own CPUs. ARM, anyone?

Nvidia plans to take over Mellanox on April 27th."