Check internet connection...

Nov 9, 2017
I’m working on an application that checks if your internet connection is up and running or if it has temporarily dropped.

what do you think the best method for checking is? Should I check several protocols like http, ftp, etc??? Will just a ping suffice?

im open to any recommendations! Thanks.
We actually have a hardware rebooter that checks different IP addresses and then will reboot devices based on if the connection goes down for x amount of pings. It tests with a ping and does so in a programmed interval that the user can set.

I think a setup like this would be ideal--user picks the destinations and how many destinations to check and how frequently, and even which protocol, ftp, ping, telnet, http, etc. And then based on a check failing, user can determine if an alarm is raised. So for example if I have 5x IPs that I check every 10 seconds on 4 and every 60 sec on another and if all come back as down, then I trigger the alarm. But also I can set it so that if even one of them is down, the alarm is triggered.

Hope all this makes sense! If you make this portable and win32, I'll stick it on our monitoring box that's running xp and beta test it for you! (y)
Thanks for the information! It all
Makes perfect sense and actually kind of the way I’m leaning to proceed. It will actually be a set top box that is plug and play based on Linux ARM.
Ooo...pretty neat. Obviously it would have other functions then, correct?
You mean it will only check for Internet access and that's it? :eek:
Well... this is the reason for the application lol... if you have input, I’m absolutely interested. would only sell if it was pretty cheap and had some enterprise uses too like snmp traps and maybe the ability to write to a syslog server.

So the device I use is this from the 5g store, or actually their older version which looks like the international version except USA plugs:

Check out the manuals for these and I think they have images of the web interface and you should be able to see what I was talking about in my first post. :)
It will not be for sale, and it will have a web interface and it will write to a log file on a remote server.
I don't understand the use-case for this. Are you trying to integrate into something and send automated alerts that a circuit is having an issue? There's like a million tools out there that do this.