Cheap tuner card that works with MCE?


Aug 29, 2002
Hey guys I'm looking for a cheap TV tuner card that works with Windows Media Center Edition. My TV died and I'd rather save up for a HDTV than go right out and buy something I can afford right now. I dont need PVR capabilities or anything fancy, just basic TV watching with MCE.
if u don't need the PVR, why even waste ur time on MCE? u should just get a cheapo tv card, and use DScaler to watch
I know the Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250 works with MCE (and afaik the only card)
Its not necessarily cheap, though.
MCE only supports hardware mpeg encoders (pvr250, blackbird, etc), so you will be lucky to get one for under $100 (even used).
Picked up the WinTV PVR250. Said screw it, spend the extra $ now and it'll be worth it in the long run incase I really get into the HTPC scene in the future. Besides the Sopranos and sports I dont watch much TV though, but I still think it was a wise decision. Thanks for your input guys.
the ATi E-home wonder will work too i belive ... they run about $70 or so on newegg.
For future reference:

If you do want to get into it more I would suggest first picking up another tuner and atleast DLing the trial version of SageTV. I have SageTV coming later this week and two 250MCE cards so I can start having some fun! Oh the reason I suggest getting another card is so that you could watch one channel while recording another, I know that comes in hand for me.