Cheap alternative, G203/G102 is pretty good.


Jan 24, 2005
Background: I used a M518 for about 3 years, got tired of cutting and repairing the USB cord over and over and picked up a G500 which I used for about 7 years.

While looking for a small, lightweight mouse I picked up a Logitech G203 "Prodigy" (AKA G102) for $30CAD. For that money I'm really impressed. I'm comparing this to the G500 since I know it so well.

* Sensor seems really spot on. Zero concerns or complaints there.
* Very light mouse and light cable.
* Centered sensor (unlike the G500 which is way up front). I prefer the sensor toward the rear like the M518, but this is fine.
* Much lower profile than the G500, but slightly wider grip, which is nice.
* Side thumb buttons are _way_ better. I might actually use them.
* Mouse buttons 1 and 2 are a tiny bit deeper than the G500 and louder. The return spring isn't quite as subtle. It's a pretty minor difference, but is noticable. Because the mouse is lighter you can feel vibration from clicks through the whole mouse.
* Going from 2 to 1 resolution setting button isn't much of a problem.
* Mouse wheel is the weak point. The textured rubber is really good for traction, but it's super stiff and resists rotation way more than it should. This might appeal to people who put vital inputs on scrollwheel, but I _really_ enjoyed the freewheel mode of the G500 for camera movements in games and browser scrolling. It's the only thing I miss -- especially since the firefox update that killed vimperator which leads to more mouse usage.
* The mouse supports 1 to 6 settings between 200 and 8000dpi. I used to use something like 5200 on a Nova mousepad, but since switching to a super slippery 3M mousepad (like $5), I don't go over 2800.

There's a weird issue I need to look into further. To configure the sensitivity and colour options (which are both stored on the mouse, btw) I moved to a Windows machine and noticed that the sensitivity is different. With acceleration off in both Windows and Xorg (xset) and completely neutral speed (or what I thought was neutral in Windows), the mouse feels way slower under Windows. This means I haven't found the ideal sensitivities I want to program in which will remain consistent. I do still game on Windows since there isn't a lot of support for flight sims in Linux.

So for some context, I play lots of spacey games which use the scroll wheel for camera movements a lot, so the scroll wheel issue really stands out. However, even in spite of that, I stopped using the G500 in favour of this mouse. For me, it's better in every way. I MAY look into modding the detent spring to loosen it up.
Finding the right scroll wheel is a pain. I am using a $10 mouse at work and prefer the scroll wheel by far.
I have a white G203 and love it. Its the right size for my small hands and love that it has the led strip around the bottom middle of the body. I don't mind the scroll wheel, and love the buttons. The dpi is settings are great. When I first got it it only went to 6000 then Logitech update the sensor to 8000. I love how all the buttons can be reassigned.
I have a g203 prodigy at work and love it. I much prefer my g502 proteus though. The weight and scroll wheel of the g502 fits me better than the g203