Changing a motherboard to RAID mode without losing data on non-RAID disk?


Dec 9, 2006
For several months I've had a single HD system in AHCI mode. Now, I've added 3x new HDs that I want to RAID 5. I can make them RAID 5 no problem, but when I set the motherboard to RAID enabled, the boot drive is no longer bootable even though it is not a member of any RAID group. I don't think anything is broken, but I'm wondering if there's a way around this little inconvenience or if I'm going to be reinstalling Windows and everything I own?

Mobo is MSI Z170A PC MATE
After changing my google search terms I did find a bunch of guides. My bad; please delete this thread as it's very useless.
Just for reference, I think setting a motherboard to "RAID" usually sets it to AHCI, but also enables the RAID function to also load.