Certain sound files/streams playing only thru subwoofer. Huh?!?


Limp Gawd
Aug 15, 2004
Unnn, this is odd.

My work machine has a standard onboard Soundmax Integrated Digital HD Audio, playing though a little Logitech LS21 2.1 speaker system. It's worked fine for like 3 years (my Dell Core 2 Duo desktop was changed out last year for an almost identical one due to a MB failure), allowing me to stream music through Screamer Radio and play MP3 playlists of my porttable HD.

Suddenly today (possibly after two Windows updates in the past couple of weeks) I noticed that some audio files and streams are playing only through the subwoofer. Screamer Radio streams are playing normally and mp3s/flac files seem fine. But an iHeartRadio sports talk radio stream that I listen to a couple of times a week and an .amr audio file I recorded off the radio in the car this morning on my phone are only coming though the sub.

I've checked out the speaker/audio settings in control panel, and they seem the same as they've always been.

Anyone run into anything like this? :confused: