Catalyst updating trouble

Sep 4, 2005
I've been having a lot of trouble with these damn drivers and I wondered if you guys could help.

I recently tried updating my catalysts from 5.6 to the newer 5.8's (control panel, not CCC). I followed the instructions in the drivercleaner help files to the letter, but after I had installed the new drivers my system became very unstable (freezing, resetting itself, getting a purple garbled image, and tons of messages telling me the graphics hardware had been reset). Obviously I decided to go back to my 5.6's. I used drivercleaner again (since I have system restore turned off), but when I had them reinstalled I found my system was still just as unstable. The only way I can use it is with no drivers installed, which obviously gives terrible performance (even scrolling down a web page is painful to watch).

First I thought this was a hardware issue, but:
1) it seemed like a coincidence it happened at the exact time I updated my drivers
2) I have had similar problems before, although that time using drivercleaner pro to give a fresh install worked OK.

I'm really hoping to avoid trying a clean install of XP, so if anyone has any other ideas I'd be very grateful.

AMD 2600+
Connect3D Radeon 9800pro 128mb
512mb ram
XP Pro SP2


Mar 31, 2005
Why people use DriverCleaner (especially when uninstalling/reinstalling same brand drivers) is beyond me. Use the ATi driver removal tool (select uninstall from Add/Remove Programs), delete the ATi folder (usually c:\ati), reboot. Cancel any 'found new hardware' wizards. Install new drivers. Reboot.


Aug 26, 2003
Installing the 5.8 drivers caused the same issue for me. It seemed to clear up after rebooting. I also have screen corruption occasionally coming out of full screen 3d back to desktop. I don't think you're doing anything wrong, and i don't think you should reformat. I'm sure its the driver. I've been meaning to call ATI support to ask about this myself, but I haven't had the chance.