Cat6 Cable Tester/Trace?

May 5, 2006
Hey All,

Recently moved into a new home with cat6 wired throughout the home, keystone jacks installed in each room however the cables were left un-terminated at the electrical panel. No big deal to crimp ends on the cables, however out of the 30+ runs nothing was labeled. Looking for a tool that will help me identify which line goes to each room and test the connections.

Weekend warrior type here, I previously wired a my last home with cat6 so no concerns on that front but at the time I had access to a fluke cableiq to test and trace lines. I don't foresee needing to do this again for a long time (if ever again) and dont want to shell out the cash for a similar fluke that I've used previously. Any recommendations on a inexpensive tool to test and trace lines?

Thanks for any assistance.

Dead Parrot

Mar 4, 2013
A pair of cheap switches can serve as a pass/fail on wiring and let you id which cable goes where.