Carmageddon: Max Damage and others for a dollar !

STYX is really good btw for a stealth game which is included picked up for Carmageddon.
Carmageddon! This game is good for some splatter, crushing, destruction.
I'd buy for a dollah! if I didn't already have them :D

The 1st and 2nd are still very fun to play. The newest is pretty decent as well, certainly not perfect but worth a look if you like the others.
Bit on carmageddon, never played it before. I figure $1 + vodka and i should have a good time. Thanks for the heads up.
Starting to see why this was a dollar. It crashes to the desktop after almost every other race. It's been two years so they either don't care or are too lazy to patch it! :mad:
I grabbed the tier 3... For that many games even if they are like 20 minutes of entertainment each I get my moneys worth