Can't get my Q6600 GO past 3.0ghz

May 14, 2005
I've got a Q6600 GO on a GA-P965-DS3 board with 2 sticks of PC6400 1gig ram set at 2:1 (so the ram is currently running at 5400 speed), Antec EA-500 powersupply and a Thermalright Ultra 120 cooler. I have a 40mm fan cooling the northbridge. I have tried different Ram and powersupply. I just cannot get it to run Prime stable over 3.0ghz (1.30v). It will post up to 3.55ghz (1.50v) but the system reboots after 3-5min in prime (x4). Temps are monitored in Speedfan 4.33 and the cores do not exceed 50deg C (44deg C at 3.0ghz). Any ideas or did I just end up with a slow chip
I don't have the Gigabyte board you have, but you probably should try to raise the voltage a bit on 3.0ghz. If it is 1.3v in the bios, try upping it a notch or two and see if prime is still not stable. How quickly does Prime fail for you? Is it just after a few minutes or a long time? I've just been doing my new build recently and after I started trying to hit 3.4 ghz I had to start raising my voltage into the 1.4V+ range (I don't plan to leave it that high but I am curious to see how far the chip will go).

Also, is your speedfan set to have it's tjunction at 100? I think for Quad's you have to change it if you haven't.
I cannot tell if you have tested with increased Vcore above 3.0GHz in a methodical way. If it will boot at 3.5 with increased Vcore I would think the chip would go higher.

Have you tried 8 x 400 at Vcore around 1.4V and set MCH voltage to +.2V and FSB voltage to +.1.

What mulitplier and FSB have you been using ? If 9x, there is a fairly well documented FSB "hole" or "wall" or however you wish to describe it in the 360-390 FSB range and many times jumping to a 400FSB with a lower cpu mulitplier gets you past it. Apparently it has something to do with how the MCH sets its internal timings.

Anyway, not knowing the extent of your testing and the methodology used, all I can suggest is upping the Vcore to the 1.4 maybe 1.45V range, getting the FSB over 400, and increment MCH voltage, testing slowly but with changes to one thing at a time until you figure out what the board likes. It also does wonders sometimes to remove the MCH heatsink and replace the poorly applied factory thermal "goop" with a good thermal compound and replace the very poor plastic pushpins with #4-40 size hardware making sure to use a fiber or plastic washer under the screw head on the bottom of the board. Smartly snug is all the tightening (use split lockwashers, tighten to flatten them out, 1/8 turn more should be enough) you want, dont crack anything. One clue this will really help is that even with a fan that MCH heatsink should be getting warm. If it is stone cold then you are not getting thermal transfer from the chip to the heatsink. Or kill the fan for a few minutes, heatsink should get so hot you cannot count to 5 and keep a finger on it.

Just suggestions, it could well be all its got, but I dont think so.
not all chips are created equal. You might just have to settle for something less, like 2.9Ghz :(

But first keep playing with different settings. only changing one variable at a time. mostly likely things that need to be changed: vcore, vmem, vmch, vfsb. Maybe you'll get it stable. MAYBE.
I have the board in question, and the chip in question, but not together.

My P965 has an e6300 running easily at 405 FSB.
My Quad in on an ASUS P5n32-E SLI and I cant get mine above 3.1 GHz either.

I think in your case it's the chip, because you have an excellent board in the P965.
I'd use CoreTemp .95 to look at the temps however. Maybe you can boost performance by adding a bit of voltage to the bridge chips and VCore??

My Quad is definately held back by my board. The darn thing just wont OC a Quad worth a damn. I've had really good luck with DualCores, but this Quad is as high as its gonna go for me on this board.

I'm waiting for the next round of SLI boards.......then I'll see what's what.
[BRO]Alaskan;1031564788 said:
I've got a Q6600 GO on a GA-P965-DS3

What revision? My DS3 Rev. 1.0 can't take my Q6600 B3 higher than 3 GHz. You might want to consider a P35 board.

Its probably the board. When I had my IP35 Pro, I couldn't get it stable past 3.2ghz, but when I got the P35-DQ6 from Gigabyte I was able to hit 3.6ghz stable at low volts and boot into windows beyond 4ghz. I have experienced terrible Core 2 Duos before, and usually I have hit the speed wall based on Voltage. Whenever I am able to get a decent overclock with little or no voltage increase, then the chip has more potential that is being held back by other components. If your CPU is capable of around 3ghz with no voltage increase, then it should be able to handle higher speeds with more voltage (maybe without a hardware bottleneck you may have). On the other hand, my E6400 wasn't stable at 3.2ghz with anything less than 1.575v in the bios, so the CPU was my limiting factor in that situation.

PS: What is your ram voltage rated at with default speeds? The DS3 defaults 1.8v right?
I checked the board and its a rev 1.3 :(. I'm going to dig up a floppy and try to update the bios. I've tried most of the other suggestions. I'll post if I can get any better from this board.
[BRO]Alaskan;1031566871 said:
I checked the board and its a rev 1.3 :(. I'm going to dig up a floppy and try to update the bios. I've tried most of the other suggestions. I'll post if I can get any better from this board.

3 GHz isn't the end of the world. Keep things in perspective. 3.5 is only 16% faster and not guaranteed anyway.

Also, the DS3 BIOS can be flashed in Windows with @BIOS. You don't need a floppy.

I flashed the BIOS and I was not able to get this board running stable at over 3.15ghz with all voltages stock except Vcore which is 1.3v. Nothing I did (including voltage increases)could get the FSB to run over 350mhz (I even dropped the multiplier down to 6 to see if I could get it faster with no luck). It looks like its the board that is holding me back :(. Its still a 750mhz boost so I'm not to upset and its not worth replacing the board for the hope of more.
I also have a G0 with 965 1.3 board. I used to run a 6420 at 7x457 24hr prime stable no problems. Overclocking the Q6600 is a different story. I tried many different configurations, vcore, vMCH, ram timings- you name it and nothing worked. Prime would always fail. I'll probably grab myself a P35 board in the near future but surprisingly my stock clocked quad gave me the same score or better on the synthetic benchies than my overclocked dual core and so far I dont notice a fps drop on any of the games I play. So I guess I'm not in too much of a hurry to change it now. At least now I get to turn all the fans in the antec 900 case to its lowest setting. Always look on the bright side.;)
For all its worth, i used to have a P965 DS1 rev 1.0 . i can run 438x8 (3.5) with a Q6600
But i upgraded to a P35 DS3P now.
For all its worth, i used to have a P965 DS1 rev 1.0 . i can run 438x8 (3.5) with a Q6600
But i upgraded to a P35 DS3P now.

At what core voltage on the P965? And how far can you push the Q6600 on the P35?
I'd call 4 cores @3ghz a win. I honestly don't know what people are complaining about.