Can't find second hard drive in Windows


Sep 8, 2006
Alrite here is my problem. Windows XP SP2 is not assigning a drive letter to my second hard drive. The BIOS and Windows itself both recognize its there (Its recognized in Disk Management and Device Manager) but it won't give it a drive letter. In Disk Management, I attempted to right click on it but all the options were greyed out.

It is on the 2nd IDE controller on my motherboard and the controller works, I have another hard drive I tested it with and all the connections, whether it be the power connector or the ide cable work and was recognized in BIOS/Windows/assigned a drive letter.

The hard drive is a former boot drive for another computer that has important data on it I need to retrieve and while I have other options in retrieving the data, this is the most convenient for me.

The drive's partition is FAT32.

The drive itself works as I put it back into the old pc and it booted up just fine.

My question is is it because of the format of the drive (FAT32) that it is not being assigned a drive letter? Or is it something else?

Thanks for your time!

Edit 1:Currently using OnTrack EasyData Recovery and it seems to be working, I'll update if I have any problems.

Edit 2: Used OnTrack but I must buy it to copy the files, looking for another way.

Edit 3: Found what my problem was I think. It seems to drive is protected by Norton's GoBack and is made unaccessable to me, I'll try to put it in the old comp, uninstall it and see if that helps. In Partition Magic its being registered as type 44 when its a FAT32.

Final Edit: The problem was indeed the Norton GoBack function. Got that uninstalled and the files were accessible. Thanks to the older threads for guiding me until I finally found the problem. <3 [H].