Can't download the F.E.A.R. movies from Gamespot

MH Knights

Mar 25, 2003
I've tried to download the movies but when I click on the download link I get sent to the main page. Are they just getting hammered? It ticks me off because I am a GS Complete customer and think I should get priority over non paying people.

I watched the streaming version and it looks good. Anyone else having problems with it?
Seems to be working just fine for me

GS Complete here too. I tried to download the Frag Ops or whatever that demo is called a few days ago. Had the same problem as you. Then I tried Mozilla and it worked. They would be stupid to leave a bug in their site that affects 90% of the browser market. I am sure it will be fixed in time.
You have to log out, clear your GS cookies, and log in. D/L will work again.