Can't decide which game to play? Useful lifehack

Furious Nerd

Sep 14, 2006
I find choice to be a double edged sword. It is nice to have options, but at times we can be overwhelmed and not know what to pick, and end up just doing something else entirely as a result.

If you are like me, you can number your pool of games you are interested in, just 1 through 10 or whatever, and then use dice, or an online random number generator such as

Whatever it spits you, you agree to play :)

Next time you sit down to play, you can ask yourself if you feel like resume the last game you played, or if you wanted to go the RNG route again.


Jun 8, 2007
For me, it comes down to uninstalling when a similar game or sequel comes out, PARTICULARLY if its open-world (meaning you can get lost for hours just dicking around doing literally nothing)......I didn't give Ghost Recon Breakpoint the time of day until they patched it...a dozen times....but I still didn't give it love because then I'd just fire up Wildlands and get lost in THAT Murder Simulator for an hour or two and then the itch is scratched.
Uninstall Wildlands and you're herded into Breakpoint, which means learning maps, getting new guns, learning how the game differs and suddenly I have a new game I can't put down.