Canon zoom browser 4 on network drive or spoof local drive.


Aug 13, 2001
For some crazy reason (I'm sure there is a good one) Canon Zoom browser, which is the download software for canon digicams, does not want anything to do with network drives.

I have bought an a75 for our service department to takes fotos of cars. They will probably take around 100 shots a day, and want to spend as little trouble as possible downloading them, so I setup the autodownload and date stamp feature in the software which works great. the only problem is, we cannot save to a network share. Why not use a mapped drive you say? well, you can't even do that. so.. I found a little prgram called "VDC" (Virtual Drive Creator) which creates a virtual drive. the zoom browser software CAN see this drive. problem is, VDC does not want to make a virtual drive out of a network share or a mapped drive. ARGH! lame. so, after a bit of digging, I found that VDC utilizes the SUBST dos command which basically does what I just explained. the command does work with network drives, but when you run it, the new drive appears as a mapped drive. no good for zoom browser. basically I'm in a bit of a pickle. I can map the my documents folder and save to it, but I'd rather not. any suggestions?