Cancelled my SFF order; want to go smaller.

Sep 17, 2012
I've just cancelled an order put in on Friday evening through Newegg.

I'm pretty ok with how it was set up, but I after doing some more research, I think I can do better on the chassis side.

Internal specs (not looking for a change)
Mini-ITX motherboard (Gigabyte H77 was what I'd chosen)
Core i5 3350P (no-GPU)
8GB (2x4GB) Corsair RAM
MSI 7850 2GB
I was going to reuse a pair of hard drives I had on hand, an 80GB Velociraptor, and a 320GB 7200RPM 2.5" drive that I had on hand.

Corsair 500W semi-modular
Lian Li PC-Q08

The PC-Q08 wouldn't work with my current 2.5" to 3.5" adapter, and quite frankly holds more than I need.

I have no plans for future expansion. If anything, I'll be stick with 2.5" drives (SSDs), and have no need for internal optical drives, as I already have a USB 2.0 DVD burner.

What's the smallest case I can get, with the best cooling to handle the 7850? I'm looking at a very streamlined in Shuttle XPC..without paying for a full on, proprietary, Shuttle setup. (Plus, I'd prefer better cooling than the standard Shuttle cover offers)

I'm looking at the Fractal Node 304, and that seems like it may be worth looking into. The SG05 seems comparatively limiting as far as heatsinks go...but so was the PC-Q08.
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The Fractal is a beautiful case, best SFF for big air... It is rather large, holds too many 3.5" drives, and PSU length is limited with most gaming cards - check to see if your PSU will work with that card.

SG05 is currently about the best, smallest case available, but aesthetics leave something to be desired, and CPU cooler options are limited - not a problem if you're not overclocking (which you won't be with an H77 board).
The thread on the M3A2 case is probably the smallest form factor that can house your setup.
SG05 is probably your best bet with a dual-slot, full-height graphics card. You can always go antec 620 h2o cooler if you're worried about your proc temps :)

That would require alternate mounting of the 2.5" drives, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.
With a non-blower video card I'd avoid the SG05. Maybe look into the SG08?
The only blower-equipped 7850's I see are from HIS and they look humongous - not likely to fit in the '05.