Can the Wii-Mote level the FPS playing field?

Discussion in 'Console Gaming & Acc.' started by placeboFx, May 20, 2006.

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    Apr 1, 2005
    See I told you my brain wasn't working at this late hour. Just blew my own idea out of the water alreay, but I can see why the thought didn't occur to my at first.

    Your head isn't necessarily going to track what your eyes are. My headset idea would be tracking head movement, not eye movement! Even if your eyeballs were not free moving within your head, unless you were really close to an average tv, naturalistic head movements would probably be too small given screen area and viewing distance. Why it didn't occur to me? I console game 9ft from a 90 inch projection screen where my head really does have to make significant movements to look at various points on the screen. Wouldn't work on the 'Average' gamers screen which would be a lot smaller

    Damn, I really have embarrressed myself here :D

    .........Right so anyway that got me thinking....Contact lenses with wiimote sensors.... :D No no no Spectacles with mini camera that tracks the pupils to work out what part of the screen you're looking at..... :D
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    Jul 31, 2002
    the laser analogy is pointless. No one is saying that for FPS on the Wii you are going to have to point and shoot like with a light gun..... there will be sensitivity adjustment which means that you could well be pointing 3 foot off screen but still have the aiming reticule just haflway off to the right of the screen. its more like a mouse in this sense. Your mouse doesn't move with a 1:1 ratio and nor will the wii-mote.

    Am i the only person that is gonna be playing this resting my elbow and the arm of a chair and just using my wrist to point? thats not gonna be difficult at all or be at all tiring after many hours of play.

    One this is that i don;t thionk they have the control method really the best way it should be. I think that the aiming reticule should stay centre and move as you move the controller but then when you get to a certain extreme of angle it then adjusts where the "centre" of look is automatically, a bit like an "auto-centre". It would need a little bit of fiddling but im sure this would work better.
    As for some dual-analogue people being able to hold there own against a kb+m... no chance. Absolutely no chance.
    The Wii-mote will be a bit step forward but even it probably wont come close. Still it will beat the heck out of duals any day.
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    Feb 16, 2006
    well, so long as you're playing on an original Xbox, you can get yourself one of those MagicBox XFPS things (they're like 20-25 bucks) and then you can give him your ass back. wait -- what?
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    Dec 24, 2001
    Maybe the focus would rather be have fun then try to own everyone else? Now I am sure the Wii mote will work great for me because I am a high sensitivity gamer. I can´t remember when I last need to reposition my mouse. I use maybe 1 tenth of it´s surface area max... I guess I will use quite small movements to control the Wii mote as well.

    Also don´t forget ergonomics. As said you let more muscle groups work and the Wii mote is much much more ergonomic than mouse/keyboard which simply totally stinks in term of ergonomics.

    Now of course it´s hard to let old dogs sit. It´s hard to learn mouse/keyboard players play fps with a gamepad. It will be easier for new people. I have no doubt it will be easier to do "headshots" if that is all that matters with the Wii mote in games rightly configured for it. I use TrackIR and it is extremely precise and quick. I am sure if there was a mod that allowed you to use it instead for head tracking and weapon tracking I could get very good results.

    But really playing fps with gamepads just feels wrong. Mouse keyboard is a bit better but not right. Light guns is what you should use really. Everything that makes you forget a game is just that a game is a good thing. So even I don´t realize the Wii mote will get you more frags then mouse keyboard it really doesn´t matter. having to use separate hand coordination and use more muscle groups is just positive really.

    But it depends on why you game I guess I don´t game to own really.