Can someone clarify for me which AMD cards support PLP gaming?


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Oct 19, 2004
I have 3 monitors,
A 30" Dell 3014, and two 20" (1600x1200) Dell monitors. So PLP gaming is intriguing. I am confused on which AMD model GPU's drive it? And do any of them actually have the horsepower to be able to play current games in PLP?

The total resolution would be

I thought I read that it was the 29x series, but then someone on WSGF said it was actually only the 285x card, not the 290 or 290x?
SO --- then my question evolves:

From what I've read the 285 doesn't really have the horsepower to run 4960x1600 resolution on newer games -- since it is about the equivalent of a GTX670 - which is what I currently have.

There is a good sale on the AMD R9 285 right now at newegg where I could get a Gigabyte card and a copy of DIRT rally for $160 after rebate. That's a decent price to be able to explore the PLP tech for gaming, but I'd buy knowing it isn't really a performance upgrade from what I currently have in the Nvidia GTX 670.

I'd like to consider the 3xx series, but I specifically want driver based PLP support. (no hacks)

Two questions -- will the 3xx series be built on tonga (R9 285) or hawaii tech (used for R9 290x)? (This is all confusing as I've been a staunch Nvidia guy for the last 15 years). I've long had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to try a 3 monitor PLP setup, and if AMD began supporting it - I'd jump to the red team, because Nvidia seems unwilling to do it.

How much money am I looking to spend (wild guesses acceptable) on a 3xx series card that is fast enough to support the 4960x1600 resololution in a way that is meaningful over the R9 285? I am unwilling to spend $500 on a graphics card - no matter how much better. I'd spend $300, however, if it was significantly faster than the R9 285. By significantly I mean 50% faster? maybe?

Thoughts? Should I just sell my 670, buy the R9 285 to try out PLP and buy the appropriate 3xx or even wait a gen and try AMD 4xx when the prices are known, or would recommend waiting till the 3xx series is released because it MIGHT be possible I could get a significantly faster card (say 50% faster than the $160 R9 285) for $300ish or less?
3xx should have it.

the 285 has it because they used a hardware solution, its GCN 1.2

As long as you get a 1.2+, youll have PLP.

Just watch out for 1.1 rebands, they wont have it.
Fury or Fury X is the card you are looking for.

You're almost exactly on par with 4k megapixels. Check out 4k reviews.
Seems that I need GCN 1.2 for capturing 1080p/60fps / 4K30fps video on the Quality preset in OBS. I really didn't intend on getting a new video card before Arctic Islands.

If you have a qualifying:
GCN 1.0-1.1 card, up to 1080@30 or 720@60 can be utilized with the "Quality" preset. Anything above that (1080@60) will need either "Balanced" or "Speed" presets which can all be found in the AMD VCE Settings tab of OBS.
GCN 1.2 card, up to 4K/30fps (untested, only with AMF) but will do 1080@60 easily with Quality preset

GCN 1.2 is Tonga exclusive of course.
Confirmed Fury X supports PLP. I just installed one this weekend. It supports PLP and it is Amazingly faster than my 285 or 380 card which I employed first to try the same.