Can i make SLI from that 2 babies? 2 Aorus 2080 Ti


Mar 16, 2017


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
They are both 2080 Ti. Regardless of OEM, SLI should work (in the sense that you can enable it in the control panel). Just keep in mind that SLI with DirectX 12 is a disaster. In DirectX 11 SLI was handled at the driver level and Nvidia did most of the work - aka it got done and SLI worked. In DirectX 12 as part of the "closer to metal" fad, the buck was passed to the game developers to implement multi-GPU individually in the code of every single game. Unfortunately most game developers have better things to do than code for multi-GPU that so few people use, so barely any games work with SLI in DirectX 12. Nvidia had incentive to make SLI work because it sold cards. Game developers don't really care. Whoever thought game developers would magically embrace the extra work it took to make SLI work in their games was an idiot. RIP SLI.

For now, if a game still has DirectX 11 support, you can usually switch to DirectX 11 and SLI will usually work - but then you are losing the benefits of DirectX 12 which may negate whatever benefit you get from SLI. And there are a few DirectX 12 games that actually support SLI, but not many.