Can I fit a ek-xres 100 revo d5 in my setup?

Feb 24, 2010
I'm building a new watercooling setup using Fractal R6 case, however the old reservoir tube plexi and top plexi is cracked & started leaking (Alphacool Eisbecher 150mm D5).

Now my options are:

Option 1. Buy a new 105mm alphacol Eisbecher tube + Eisbecher top and just replace them, less work but I have heard some bad things about Alphacool Plexi/Acryl quality.

Option 2. Buy a EK-XRES 100 Glass D5 PWM and use a EK-UNI Pump Bracket (120mm FAN)

and mount it on the bottom front fan.

My worry is that the inlet and outlet G1/4 threads get blocked by the Fractal R6 PSU cover that I have(see attached picture).

I saw another user post his X-RES 140 revo D5 and it seems to be doubtful or barely I can fit inlet and outlet compression fitting above my Fractal R6 PSU cover?

Option 3. Buy the same EK-XRES 100 D5 as Option 2 but install it on 2nd fan in front, this assumes the EK-XRES 100 is short enought to not interfere with the front radiator tubing in top

There is no Option 4 as I do not want to drill in the case.

My setup:


Another user setup with the EK-XRES 140 without PSU cover:

Mar 5, 2012
I was able to the EK-XRES 140 into the side chamber of a Corsair Carbide Air 240, between the HDD and SSD trays, if that gives you an idea. You might not even need a bracket if you don't move the case around so much.