Can I connect my wireless bridge to a wired hub/router?

Discussion in 'Networking & Security' started by londonandlawson, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. londonandlawson

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    Aug 25, 2006
    I have a wireless ethernet bridge that currently has an ethernet cable from to an xbox 360. I have two computer in this room that barely picks up wireless signal from my router. Can I run an ethernet cable from my bridge into a wired router, and then connect those two computers to the router via ethernet?
  2. CaseyBlackburn

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    Dec 10, 2006
    Yes. You won't want the second router to route though. Turn off DHCP on it, and plug the bridge into a LAN port and plug clients into LAN ports. Don't plug anything into the WAN port or you'll be double NAT-ing.
  3. YeOldeStonecat

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    Jul 19, 2004
    In addition to the above....make sure the 2nd router doesn't have the same LAN IP address as the 1st router...example, if they're both Linksys routers...out of the box they'll both have as a LAN IP address. Uplink them via LAN ports on each your network screech to a halt. ;) So I often make the second router have a common access point IP, such as or