Call of Duty streamer accidentally reveals he's cheating, loses his Twitch channel

Never played PUBG. Honestly, the last MP-FPS game I legitimately played was CS 1.6.

Man, CS 1.6, that brings me back!

While we’re on that subject with the whole private server thing, anyone else remember playing that on the [H] server back in the day?
They've made cheating on PC too easy. You don't even need to buy or download hacks. Logitech provides it for you in the form of LGS. Most of these FPS's you can change the fire mode on guns from full to semi. Semi always has a lot less recoil. Then just make a script in LGS to spam the left-click every .2 seconds and you now have a full auto gun with nearly no recoil. Undetectable. It's a joke. It's easy to pick out in some games, like PUBG, where a player will be full auto firing an M16 like it's a laser.

I stopped playing Warzone and PUBG because of it. Multiplayer on COD has a lot less cheaters. I'll still play that.