Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

Did you get a clip of it?
I’ve set my threshold to longest and stabbed my clip hotkeys to grab a cool moment.
I can record for hours and not get anything I want to keep.

I didn't record the match, I often get high kill games but this one is one of my better ones.
Stream off shadowplay in easy mode.
Don’t engage with the stream.
See if you you build a following but don’t think about it.

My buddy recorded a match where a guy at the end was so salty that he accused us of hacking and using esp. I had to talk trash back because I couldn’t resist:
My buddy recorded a match where a guy at the end was so salty that he accused us of hacking and using esp. I had to talk trash back because I couldn’t resist:

Oh yeah, some of these guys are not right right in the head.
If I play Cold War MP or Warzone’s new map I’m going to start making vids of the crazies.
It’s always “you did this and I got you so you’re getting something something drastic meaningless end of the world something”.

I always say something unkind about their mom texting me pics as a reply.
...or I offer to link them to a vid I shot of their mom.
That gets them salty AF.
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Call of Duty Suffers Security Breach, Over 500k Activision Accounts Reportedly Hacked

According to recent reports, over half-a-million Activision Accounts may have been breached, with log-in details, including passwords, being leaked publicly...Activision Accounts are primarily used to track progress for the publisher’s ultra-popular Call of Duty games, although other Activision titles, like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, may prompt players to sign up as well...the Activision security breach was first reported Sunday evening by Call of Duty insiders like Okami and TheGamingRevolution, who described the hacks as an ongoing thing

Update: Activision has stated that the reported wide-spread hack was false

Season 6 is live boys. Servers are getting hammered though. Downloading @ 22ish mb/s instead of my usually 65ish.

around 59gb too ( for people who own the full game, not sure what it is for warzone only players )
Didn't think there would be a Season 6. Pleasantly surprised. Hopefully they keep the game going after Black Ops CW is out, but I am doubtful.
Call of Duty®_ Modern Warfare®...jpg

This is a fun map we had more deaths but won the match because of the control points.
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Wow, HOW AMAZING does this look?? Imagine the amount of money spent on licensing for these characters and what not! Looks amazing! Cant wait to play tomorrow ( or maybe tonight it goes live??? )

Yes. The cinematics look fine. Putting well known actors on the payroll was a strong marketing move.
I'm seeing about 1-2 cheaters per hour in warzone solos. sometimes just wall hacks, sometimes aimbot as well. they make no effort to hide it and they are on high level accounts.
New update seems to stream textures by default for weapons and characters if set to high. This is to save disk space. Hoping you can set it to high without streaming and just take the larger install size.
I was doing pretty good the other day. Was accused of cheating and someone said they were recording me and would report me. Obviously they weren't but found it funny anyways. Figured I may as well record some games while I was doing good.

I'm using the M4 with .458 SOCOM. Never bothered with it, but it is pretty good.

And the new update apparently reduces file size by 20GB or so. Catch is you need to redownload the whole game.
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Still pretty much the only game i make time to play. Too much fun with friends.
A number of bugs as of late. Enemy pop ins and out of thin air at close range. Got killed by this a few times. Sleight of Hand is also not working on a number of weapons. Widely reported. Haven't played in a week or two but hopefully they fixed it.